Brand Standards Auditing

Protect the Safety and Security of Your Brand

  • Ensure Operational Standards are Maintained
  • Perfect for Franchise Owned and Corporate Owned Locations
  • Both Announced and Unannounced Audits
  • Objective, Empirical and Measured Data

Are your facilities up to code? Is your equipment functioning at an acceptable level? Is a franchise location following corporate policies and procedures? Could your service be safer? How can you make your location more secure?

“Consistent and meaningful results”

“CX Orlando makes the investment in their evaluators to make sure they deliver consistent and meaningful results.”

Jessica S - OCS LLC

What are Brand Standards Audits?

Brand Standard Auditing is a methodology that involves a CXO certified field auditor conducting an audit specialized to your needs. They are designed to protect your set brand standards that distinguish your company.

The auditors enter your locations, either announced or unannounced, and follow the observation and interaction guidelines that you compose in consultation with our experienced staff. After going through a two-step quality control process, the results are then published to our exclusive system and made available to your designated and approved executives.

Brand Standard Auditing can be used to verify a franchisee’s adherence to corporate policy, proper food and safety regulations, facility and equipment code, and more. These types of audits can be conducted in almost any industry. A few examples of problems that Brand Standard Auditing can expose are:

  • Problem Stores
  • Unresponsive Franchisees
  • Operational and Compliance Audits
  • Unannounced Facility Inspections
  • Safety and Security Inspections
  • Inventory Controls
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Loss investigations
  • Under Reporting Investigation and Documentation

“We discovered the cause of our low sales”

“I highly recommend CX Orlando for all Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience needs. With their programs and thoughtful feedback, we discovered the cause of our low sales. Business is booming!”

Sean W / The Man Cave Warehouse

CX Orlando strives to provide actionable intelligence to ensure good decision making and compliance with standards like proper food and facility safety, cash handling, inventory control, customer service and guest satisfaction.

Finally, while many companies prefer simple written and scored electronic reports to assess the operations and experiences of their locations, others want an audio or video recording of the evaluation. In this instance, written and scored electronic reports are still published, but with a link on the results page to open an audio or video player to see and/or hear the shop experience.

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