Focus groups

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Will we hit our sales numbers if we roll out this new product? How do our customers feel about our new logo prototypes? Why do our non-customers choose our competitor over us? Which changes in internal policy would truly enhance job satisfaction and employee retention? Why are year-after-year unit sales down at this location?

What are Focus Groups? How can they help my business?

Focus Groups involves capturing qualitative data in-person in a controlled environment.

Specifically, focus groups are a form of qualitative measurement in which a specific group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea or packaging. The questions are asked in an interactive group setting wherein participants are free to talk with other group members. They are conducted at a pre-arranged time and place with an invited list of participants. They can be observed in person or through a two-way mirror by the client. Audio, video and/or written transcripts may be made of the sessions for further study.

Focus groups are a great tool for capturing a representative sample of customers, clients, employees, the general public or any other grouping in order to take qualitative measurement as an indication of how the larger group from which the subset is drawn may react to the measured variables. This data is immensely valuable in gaining insights into prospective company initiatives before large expenditures to implement the measured programs begin, allowing the company to make adjustments to optimize the program before full launch and avoid costly whole-scale changes after the fact. Measurement also allows the moderator to delve deeper into issues significant to the participants at the time of measurement, giving the company immediate detailed data on the items and variables most important to the targeted sample of participants.

Measuring impressions through these groups is an excellent way to gauge the strength of market acceptance for a new company product, service, policy or logo by current or targeted consumers; the likely reaction of employees to changes in benefits, possible work place enhancements or platforms for improving employee retention; or the competitive strengths and weaknesses perceived by the customer of a brick-and-mortar or Internet-based business and its competitors. There are literally thousands of potential applications for this strong measurement tool, and the powerful data it generates.

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