Online Surveys

  • Gather Data Quickly, Easily, Cost-Effectively!
  • On-Site Entry, or From Anywhere!
  • Open Access or Validated Entry/Authorization Codes!
  • Real Time Access to Results!
  • Measure Customers, Clients, Employees, Members or any Grouping!

What do our customers like or dislike about their experience with us? What attributes of our business do our clients most value and where can we improve? What is the climate of workplace attitudes by our employees, and what adjustments in the workplace can we make that will create better job satisfaction, leading to increased worker productivity and greater profits? Which member benefits impact loyalty and longevity and which are a waste of money?

What are Online Surveys and IVR Surveys?

A quick and cost-efficient way to measure a limited amount of data from a targeted group on individuals is to use an Online Survey. This easy-to-implement data tool provides a branded URL to gather specific feedback from the targeted pool of respondents.

They can be administered through an open terminal on-site, or through any Internet access point around the world. Some companies tend to use the survey on-site to gain immediate feedback: What was the patient’s wait time? How satisfied was the customer with today’s visit? Would the customer return? Would the customer recommend the dealership? How do employees feel about proposed new corporate initiatives? What factors contribute to company loyalty and long-term tenure?

Quick, fresh and reliable data can be captured on the current visit, or the tool can be used to test market potential new products or services, or other growth strategies regarding additions, improvements and adjusted features that customers may value in order to increase revenue and/or deepen brand loyalty.

Online surveys can be customized to accepted all entries, or customized validation codes, which limit access to the survey to parties with an authorization code.

Clients can choose to close the survey with a simple “thank you” page, or to provide a reward, such as a voucher or coupon as an incentive for participation, which can be downloaded and printed at the conclusion of the poll.

They are used across all industries and among many segments of polled populations.

Similar to online surveys is an IVR Survey. These measurement tools are conducted via telephone by the respondent pressing a numerical button when directed to rate or answer a prompt. It is simply an alternative method to capturing the survey data: whereas the online survey makes use of a specific Internet URL, the IVR survey collects data through a specific toll-free number. The respondent listens to the survey prompts on the telephone and answers as directed by pushing numerical buttons to indicate their selected answer.

Also like online surveys, IVR surveys are frequently used across multiple industries and varied test groups.

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