Key issues in the industry

Communications is all about connecting people, but are your sales associates connecting at top efficiencies and moving hardware and cellular plans in the ways in which you’ve trained them? In a tough competitive mobile communications market, you want all sales assets that you have going for you, from well trained, friendly and knowledgeable associates, to clean and inviting sales floors that create the optimum selling environment.

We’ve learned what makes successful operations the champions that they are, and why the rest fall by the wayside. It all has to do with staying on top of your business and its brand standards, as well as investing in the customer intelligence products that give you the reliable data needed in order to empower you with critical knowledge and customer perceptions. A quick list of some of the more measured variables in this industry includes:

  • What is the customer’s first impression of the sales floor/kiosk?
  • What are indirect vendors saying about our product?
  • Do we hard up sell, do we order take or do we “sweet sell” while maximizing sales opportunities?
  • Are employees using their product knowledge to sell devices and plans?
  • Are we promoting the sales of accessories?
  • Which things about us create brand loyalty and repeat business, and which diminish them?
  • Do our sales associates come across as professional, friendly and knowledgeable?
  • How do our customers feel about each specific location and our brand overall?
  • Which operational adjustments can garner higher returns?
  • What are people saying about us on Facebook, Twitter, etc?
  • How does our retail experience compare with our competitors?
  • What do our customers perceive as our negatives and how do we reduce them?
  • Are all personnel following the specific training and protocols that we provided them with?

With so many choices in mobile communications for the consumer, it becomes imperative to isolate and deploy the best sales practices. The secret to sustaining long-term success is to provide great customer service, and that comes from understanding both the mindset of the consumer and the operational effectiveness of each unit location.

Over the years, we’ve seen the best of the best continually invest in customer intelligence data, and use that data to tweak brand positioning, customer service platforms or in-unit operational procedures to maximize the sales experience, which leads to greater brand loyalty, positive halo and word of mouth, and ultimately, optimal sales performance and market share.

Maximum sales performance equals maximum revenue, and CX Orlando has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools to ensure your cellular phone sales locations are creating the best possible sales environment to drive profits and deepen customer loyalty.

Customer Intelligence Best Practices for the Industry

Acquiring and maintaining exceptional customer service levels requires the ability to consistently gather and measure data and feedback throughout your value chain. Below are the most prominent areas that industry clients of CX Orlando use to gather customer intelligence and improve overall performance.

  • Phone Experience
  • On-Site Retail Experience
  • Diagnosis of Malfunctioning Phones
  • Plan/Rate Comparison/Advice
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media and Reputation Tracking
  • Employee Climate Status

Benefit from our experience in the cellular phone sales industry by requesting a consultation today. We can help you develop a customized plan to address the needs you know you have, and the ones you didn’t even know existed.

Recommended Measurement Tools Include: