Key issues in the industry

You want your guests to rave about the experience they have when visiting your property! You want to be able score the highest ADRs and occupancy rates! We understand the fierce competition in the marketplace for Hotel, Time Share, Lodging and Hospitality dollars. Superior customer service and adherence to corporate protocol are critical to developing brand loyalty, raising occupancy rates and getting the highest ADR. Optimal customer service generates optimal revenue, and the leaders of pack implement proven customer intelligence measurement and marketing tools to ensure that their property is consistently creating that out-of-this-world guest experience that patrons rave about to the world and look forward to enjoying during each return visit.

CX Orlando has provided our clients with both timely and reliable customer intelligence information. During this time we have also learned what makes some brands more successful than others, and why some brands get lost in the crowd or fall to the wayside. The customer intelligence information we can provide you can be used to help empower your company, and also get a true representation of your customers’ reputation of the business or company. When we evaluate hotels and time shares, some of the variables that we look at include:

  • Are our employees connecting sincerely with our guests and building a rapport?
  • Is our team delivering on all our brand standards and guest service criteria?
  • How do we increase per cap spending on property?
  • What low cost amenities would help raise repeat business ratios and our ADR?
  • Are our guests being thanked, treated with courtesy and made to feel that we care?
  • If it’s not the economy, why are our occupancy counts and ADRs down?
  • What are our competitors doing to attract guests to their locations that we could implement?
  • What do guests think of their experience with us? How do they feel about their purchase?
  • What do they say about us on Facebook and other social media?
  • How do our prices, guest services and perceived value compare with our competitors?
  • Are we following all corporate and governmental policies?
  • Do we create or eliminate reasons for returning to the property?
  • What do our guests know about our facility that we never even thought of?
  • Do we provide the same level of service to each guest, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity?
  • Are we responsive on the phone?
  • Which locations demonstrate highest scores and best practices?
  • Which things about us create brand loyalty and repeat business, and which diminish them?
  • Which operational adjustments can garner higher returns?
  • How does our guest experience compare with our competitors?
  • Are all personnel following the specific training and protocols that we provided them with?
  • Bottom line: how do we come across to the guest?

With so many choices in this industry for the consumer, it becomes imperative to isolate and deploy the best sales practices and then follow through with gold standard customer service. The secret to sustaining long-term success is to provide that superior customer service on a regular basis, and that is best achieved by understanding both the mindset of the consumer and the operational effectiveness of each unit location.

Over the years, we’ve seen the best of the best in this realm continually invest in customer intelligence data, and use that data to tweak brand positioning, customer service platforms or in-unit operational procedures to maximize the sales experience, which leads to greater brand loyalty, positive halo and word of mouth, and ultimately, optimal sales performance and market share.

Maximum sales performance equals maximum revenue, and CX Orlando has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools to ensure your locations are creating the best possible sales and service environments in order to drive profits and deepen customer brand loyalty.

Customer Intelligence Best Practices for the Industry

Acquiring and maintaining exceptional customer service levels requires the ability to consistently gather and measure data and feedback throughout your value chain. Below are the most prominent areas that the hotel, time share, lodging and hospitality clients of CX Orlando use to gather customer intelligence and improve overall performance.

  • Reservations
  • Reception
  • On-Site Stays
  • Food & Beverage
  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Services/Concierge
  • Amenities
  • Entertainment
  • On-Site Tours (Vacation Ownership)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media and Reputation Tracking
  • Employee Climate Status

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Recommended Measurement Tools Include: