On-Site Integrity Shops

Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

  • Verify Employee Integrity
  • Focused on Cash and Inventory Handling
  • Anonymous and Objective
  • Video and Audio Shops too

Are your employees ethically handling cash? Are sales accurately recorded in the register? Is the money being placed in the register? Is your inventory missing or depleting faster than usual? How are your employees behaving when you are not there to supervise?

“I was concerned my employees were skimming”

“I was concerned my employees were skimming at the register. CX Orlando found our problem and we quickly resolved the issue.”

Maddison L

What is Integrity Shopping?

On-site Integrity Shopping is an excellent method to obtain reliable and direct assessment of loss prevention strategies, customer experience and guest satisfaction.

This methodology incorporates the use of 500,000+ trained “shoppers” or independent evaluators who anonymously enter your locations and follow the observation and interaction guidelines that you compose in consultation with our experienced staff. Posing as ordinary customers, and maintaining anonymity at all times, our evaluators discreetly take note of the variables important to you as the client, and enter the data on-line immediately after collection. After going through a two-step quality control process, the results are then published to our exclusive system and made available to your designated and approved executives.

Integrity Shopping can be used to verify the integrity of your employees and to determine if they are behaving honestly. Integrity Shopping is largely conducted in retail, restaurants, bars and clubs. A few examples of problems that integrity shops can expose are:

  • Skimming cash from the register
  • Not accurately entering sales in the register or voiding sales
  • Pocketing cash instead of placing it in the register
  • Giving improper or unauthorized discounts
  • Giving away free merchandise or inventory
  • Over-pouring alcohol

“We discovered the cause of our low sales”

“I highly recommend CX Orlando for all Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience needs. With their programs and thoughtful feedback, we discovered the cause of our low sales. Business is booming!”

Sean W / The Man Cave Warehouse

CX Orlando strives to provide actionable intelligence to ensure good decision making, improve loss prevention strategies, inventory or alcohol control, customer service and guest satisfaction.

Finally, while many companies prefer simple written and scored electronic reports to assess the operations and experiences of their locations, others want an audio or video recording of the evaluation. In this instance, written and scored electronic reports are still published, but with a link on the results page to open an audio or video player to see and/or hear the shop experience.

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