Key issues in the industry

In a market cluttered with dozens or even hundreds of competitors, it is so critically important that your brand stands out from the rest of the pack. And when it comes to the Home Services Industry, consumers are especially driven by trust when it comes to making their choice. The way you build trust is to develop and manage a gold-standard reputation by delivering ultimate customer service, ensuring that all operational standards and procedures are faithfully implemented to produce exceptional work product, and monitor that relationship through social media ranks!

We have worked with our clients in order to provide them with high quality, reliable and timely intelligence information about their customers. With our vast experience, we have learned what makes some brands successful while other brands fall to the wayside and are forgotten or get lost in the crowd. Our customer intelligence products provide you with knowledge to empower your company, as well as insight into customers’ perceptions of the organization. When we evaluate the home services industry, some of the variables we consider include:

  • Are our sales people following training and protocol?
  • What can we do better to close the sale on the phone?
  • How responsive are we on Internet leads?
  • Do we create a welcoming and friendly sales environment?
  • Do we hard upsell, do we order take or do we “sweet sell” while maximizing sales opportunities?
  • Are our field people professional, groomed and clean?
  • Do customers feel safe having our field people in their home?
  • Which potential sales are falling through the cracks?
  • Are we hitting our timing benchmarks across the board?
  • Do our sales people come across as knowledgeable?
  • How do prospects and customers feel about us and our brand?
  • Which operational adjustments can garner higher returns?
  • What are people saying about us on Facebook, Twitter, etc?
  • How does our sales experience compare with our competitors?
  • What are our perceived negatives and how do we reduce them?

The various companies providing home services face more competition than ever, and we understand that each company needs to capitalize on every sales opportunity presented in-person, on the phone or via the internet. Maximum sales performance equals maximum revenue, and CX Orlando has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools to ensure your dealership is creating the best possible sales environment to drive profits and deepen customer loyalty.

Customer Intelligence Best Practices for the Industry

Acquiring and maintaining exceptional customer service levels requires the ability to consistently gather and measure data and feedback throughout your value chain. Below are the most prominent areas that clients of CX Orlando measure to gather customer intelligence and improve overall performance.

  • Phone Inquiry/Sales Experience
  • Internet Inquiry/Sales Experience
  • In-Store Experience
  • In-Home/On-Site Experience
  • Competitor Analysis

Benefit from our experience by requesting a consultation today. We can help you develop a customized plan to address the needs you know you have, and the ones you didn’t even know existed.

Recommended Measurement Tools Include: