Customer Intercepts / Exit Interviews

  • Genuine and In-the-Moment feedback from your customers!
  • Immediate data collection while the customer’s experience is fresh.
  • Person-to-Person engagement to dig deeper into responses and ask “Why?”

Guest or Customer Intercepts provide a form of immediate feedback, but are less controlled and more randomized than focus groups. In a group intercept, customers are gently approached as they are leaving a commercial establishment and surveyed via a brief questionnaire on the spot. Polling opinions and collecting feedback from customers right as they exit the client location provides an opportunity to measure qualitative data at the freshest points in the minds of the respondent consumer.They generate great data from people who have just experienced the client’s business facilities and employees, and can be extremely helpful in measuring both qualitative impressions and quantitative data regarding their immediate recent interaction.

How do customers feel about the quality, prices and selection of merchandise, or the level of customer service? How about the new decor of the store, or some store layout changes being considered? What other items would customers like to see available for purchase? What would cause them to recommend this location or to return more often? How do they feel about the brand and as to whether this particular location lives up to the expectations of the brand by the customer? Guest intercepts can provide all those data points and many more.

In either case, the unique strength of focus groups and guest intercepts is that they provide human to human contact, wherein data is collected in a fresh and flexible manner, in order to capture the greatest amounts of the most relevant issues important to the client!

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