Internal Evaluations

Employee Climate Surveys

  • Know how your employees feel about their job!
  • Learn about perceptions of culture, benefits, leadership, onboarding and more!
  • Completely anonymous for employees to share honest opinions
  • Understand the hidden dynamics of your corporate culture

Does your team feel that they have the optimal work environment to be the most successful that they can be for you and your guests? Are team leads and managers approachable and available? How often do they give feedback to their team members? Do they improve the team’s performance with their contributions? Are they made to feel valued by their supervisors? Do your teammates know the overall vision and mission of the company? Do they understand your goals for customer engagement and the means and tools available to them to present a unified consistent experience for each guest? Is the workplace culture one that fosters belonging and inclusion as a part of the team? What else could you incorporate into your work environment that would truly make a difference?

What are the benefits of an Employee Climate Survey?

A Satisfied Team Creates Satisfied Customers

Everyone wants to love their job, right? And we know that satisfied employees are those most likely to pass that happiness on to guests. The book The Platinum Rule Principle encourages managers to “do unto others as they’d like done unto them”. Maximum employee satisfaction is predicated on a clear understanding of the extent to which your team members enjoy their work environment. Are your employees unhappy, content or raving fans of your brand? Are you allocating the dollars you that have to work with and any non-financial corporate cultural tools toward the variables that matter uniquely to create and retain your most optimally motivated team?

America’s most successful corporate leaders are well in touch with the environmental factors which drive the rest of their team to achieve excellence each day – and it’s not always about money. Many workplace variables contribute to each employee’s job satisfaction. A fine-tuning here, and a different process there, can make a tremendous difference in creating the most constructive work environment. This is a huge asset for you that bleeds into a fantastic experience for your guests and customers, which in turn creates repeat business and positive word of mouth throughout social media.

Employees submit their responses via our proprietary “Tell Our Team” web portal. After we collect and analyze the findings, we share the data back with your executive team on a macro level, protecting individual identities, along with our recommendations to maximize employee moral and foster greater teamwork.

The baseline CX Orlando “Tell Our Team” Employee Climate Survey includes:

  • Initial Executive Consultation
  • Customized Questionnaire
  • Exclusive Third-Party Web Portal
  • Fast Delivery of Results
  • Post-Survey Executive Team Meeting
  • Add-On Executive Summary and Training!

Awesome guest experience starts with motivated team members!

Employee confidentiality is guaranteed.

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