Phone and Internet Shops

  • See/Hear Actual Employee Responses!
  • Measure Timely Responses!
  • Track Lead Conversions!
  • Collect Data Backup for Training!

Is your sales staff staying on top of phone leads and/or returning calls on a timely basis? Are they creating a sales environment over the phone, and making appropriate and responsive sales suggestions? Are they asking the prospect to come to the store, the apartment or the showroom to close the sale?

Phone Shops achieve data results via interaction with customer service representatives, sales associates or other employees on the telephone. Callers follow specific scenarios to measure the sales process including timeliness of response, courtesy, quality of probing questions, suggested solutions and closing skills through asking for the sale or attempting to get the caller to complete the transaction on-site.

They can be conducted as non-recorded or, with proper authorization, as recorded calls which can be played back by the client for specific information and training purposes.

Companies across virtually all industries use phone shops, but they are especially commonplace in automotive, multi-family housing (apartments), new home inquiries, on-line retail, sports and entertainment sales offices and retail home services. Most clients prefer to record the calls to use as part of their in-house training programs, and many combine both internet and phone shops in order to capture a full understanding of the effectiveness of their sales employees, and the dynamic drivers of their lead conversion rates. At significantly cost-effective pricing, these are two measurement tools that many businesses believe are a “must-have” and a great value for ensuring that their employees are maximizing revenue opportunities.

Internet Shops measure the responsiveness of a company’s employees, both in terms of timeliness and effectiveness, in replying to product or service inquiries being placed to a business via website (typically through a “Contact Us” page on the site) by potential customers. The sophisticated software of CX Orlando tracks date and time placed and responded to, automatically adjusting for time zone variations. Screen captures also allow the client to see exactly how the employee responded to the inquiry.

On-line retailers also use internet shops to measure the consumer impressions, and the ease of use of, the website, sales process and delivery flow of product to the end-user. This measurement platform is a great tool for understanding the neuro-economic strengths and weaknesses of a given retail website.

They are especially useful in industries that rely heavily on monetizing Internet inquiries, such as automotive dealerships, multi-family housing (apartments) and on-line retail.

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