Covid-19 Compliance Testing

Covid-19 Mystery Shops or Open Audits

Mystery Shopping is a successful and powerful market research tool matching you with professional evaluators to measure quality of service, compliance with regulation, or gather specific information about products and services.

  • Make sure your employees are operating in full compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Avoid fines, business shutdowns and lawsuits.
  • Governmental agencies can use this service for compliance enforcement.
  • Can be done as a Mystery Shop (non-reveal) or Open Audit (reveal).

Are all employees wearing masks and gloves? Do the masks cover both the mouth and nostrils? Is there signage regarding Covid-19 safety measure conspicuously placed on the property Are employees enforcing social distancing? Are food and beverage areas in compliance with seating requirements and other safety protocols? Are all other safety requirement put in place to ensure maximum safety measure and code compliance for both employees and customers?

“Adapting our current mystery shopping program to include Covid-19 guidelines has allowed us to stay compliant”

“Our company’s number one goal is to care for our customers. By focusing our mystery shops on health and safety, we’ve been able to monitor and enforce our Covid-19 standards in each of our locations. It’s an incredibly useful tool for us.”

Sarah B / S.E.B. Consultants

CX Orlando Research and Revenue Architects was one of the first firms in the country to begin Covid-19 Compliance Testing beginning in late March 2020 with a well-known chain of convenience stores. Since then, CX Orlando has helped businesses in multiple industries mitigate their potential liabilities and any unnecessary disease exposure to employees and customers by reporting on epidemiology protocols compliance.

What is Covid-19 Compliance Testing?

Mystery Shopping Compliance Testing involves sending ordinary people posing as customers to a business who are asked to covertly observe pre-determined criteria relative to the establishment’s compliance with required laws and ordinances.

The evaluator does not reveal the nature of his or her visit but poses as a regular customer while making detailed observations of the business, which are then later entered into a written report. This type of methodology may or may not include photographs or video as part of the report.

Open Audit Compliance Testing has the same goal as Mystery Shopping Compliance Testing. However with this program, the evaluator reveals upon arrival that his or her purpose in visiting the establishment is to complete an audit of the business’s compliance with Covid-19 required protocols. In this instance a written report is made while on the premises and submitted to the client afterwards. Similar to the Mystery Shop program, photographs or video recordings may or may not be submitted as part of the report.

Both of these programs can be used by businesses to protect their employees, customers, reputation and business operations while avoiding potential liabilities, as well as government agencies for code compliance and enforcement.

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