Key issues in the industry

The rapid and on-going growth of the Healthcare Industry means more patients funneling into the pipeline; but it also means that those consumers are presented with far more choices when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider than in the past. This means customers have more power in choosing a provider, and research tells us that issues like timeliness of service, friendliness of employees, cost certainty and confidence in the reliability of services provided are just of few of the major points considered by customers.

Through our experiences we have figured out the variables that can make an operation successful or cause it to fail. These allow us to formulate a list of variables to judge your healthcare company by. By judging your healthcare company by a customer’s standards, you can keep your business running smoothly and offer the best customer service and customer service available. Some of the variables that we measure when evaluating the healthcare industry include:

  • Is my team delivering on all our brand standards and customer service criteria?
  • How are we being perceived in the eye of the patient?
  • How can we draw more patients from areas south of my location?
  • If it’s not the economy, why are my visits down?
  • How do my patients view my prices and bed-side manner vs. my competitors?
  • Are my patients being thanked, treated with courtesy and made to feel that we care?
  • How do our ratings compare with other health care providers?
  • What do our patients really think of us?
  • What are the top 3 things driving patients to our place?
  • What is going to cause us to lose business, in the minds of our patients?
  • How do patients feel about our latest additions/investments into our procedures/clinics?
  • What would cause our patients to select us more often besides discounting?
  • Do my patients trust us with every service we offer, or only certain things?
  • What do my patients know about my business that I never even thought of?
  • How do my patients view our services and delivery as compared to their PCP?

With so many provider choices in the healthcare industry for the patient, it becomes imperative to isolate and deploy the best patient care practices and then follow through with gold standard customer service. The secret to sustaining long-term success is to provide that superior customer service on a regular basis, and that goal is best achieved by understanding both the mindset of the patient and the operational effectiveness of each care unit.

Over the years, we’ve seen the best of the best in this industry continually invest in customer intelligence data, and use that data to tweak brand positioning, customer service platforms or in-unit operational procedures to maximize the sales experience, which leads to greater brand loyalty, positive halo and word of mouth, and ultimately, optimal sales performance and market share.

Maximum sales performance equals maximum revenue, and CX Orlando has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools to ensure your locations are creating the best possible sales and service environments in order to drive profits and deepen customer brand loyalty.

Customer Intelligence Best Practices for the Industry

Acquiring exceptional customer service level requires the ability to gather and measure feedback throughout your value chain. Below are the most prominent areas that CX Orlando has identified for healthcare industry clients use to gather customer intelligence and improve overall performance.

  • Appointment Setting
  • Level One Urgent Care Services
  • Physicals
  • Preventive Services
  • Well Baby Visits
  • Emergency Department Wait Times
  • Post-Visit Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

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Recommended Measurement Tools Include: